Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Alpha Sigma Alpha and DEI

Alpha Sigma Alpha views diversity as the full range of identities, perspectives and experiences our members bring to the organization. The interplay between these differences and similarities creates the richness of our membership. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where all members feel a sense of belonging. This is only achieved if members feel comfortable expressing every dimension of their authentic selves and trust they will be respected.

DEI Framework


We need leadership and a committed effort to make Alpha Sigma Alpha more inclusive. A vision reminds us why the work is important and metrics keep us focused.


This work will require all members of Alpha Sigma Alpha working together to create a membership experience that facilitates an environment of trust and authenticity.


The portrait of Alpha Sigma Alpha membership has changed over time and we have an incredible wealth of identities, stories and backgrounds to share and learn from our members.


The success of Alpha Sigma Alpha is amplified when we engage with individuals who bring different perspectives to our sisterhood.


Growth and development allows members to reach their potential as women and leaders, especially when that learning is rooted in the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Alpha Sigma Alpha's DEI Efforts

Keep Learning

Read our Human Dignity Policy

From our 2022-24 National Policies & Procedures

Continuing Education

Further your DEI journey

Get Involved

Volunteer with Alpha Sigma Alpha

Report a Concern

Reach out to Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters to report a bias incident.

Alpha Sigma Alpha's Strategic Plan

Strengthen Sorority Assets

Alpha Sigma Alpha hopes to optimize our diverse volunteer and staff resources to execute initiatives.

Enhance Member Experience

Alpha Sigma Alpha seeks to foster a culture of care and cultivate an inclusive environment where members feel a sense of belonging.

Expand organization reach

Alpha Sigma Alpha hopes to expand by implementing new pathways to join beyond the traditional model and championing access to sororities, especially for those who have historically been marginalized.