Support & Safety Program

Alpha Sigma Alpha believes it is important to empower members to take a stand against sexual assault and to give them the tools they need to speak up and intervene in difficult situations. 

In the fall of 2023, Alpha Sigma Alpha sunset the Sexual Assault Prevention Program (SAPP) and began offering the new Support & Safety Program (SSP). The SSP covers the same topics as the SAPP, with a title change that more accurately reflects the intention of the program and revised, updated lessons. 

SSP Volunteer Webinar

As with SAPP, SSP provides members with information through chapter workshops to be facilitated by trained volunteers. All alumnae are eligible to become facilitators.

A Q&A webinar was held on Thursday, June 29 for any volunteers who were interested in learning more about the SSP and this facilitator opportunity. This webinar reviews the major changes made to the content of the SAPP. If you would like to request more information, please visit our FAQ or contact Allison Ball, program coordinator for more information.

We are not accepting applications for facilitators at this time.