Alpha Sigma Alpha Membership

Collegiate Experience

Our Commitment

The principles and ideals upon which our organization was founded are present in everything we do. Our members, chapter programs and initiatives reflect these commitments every day. Alpha Sigma Alpha promotes high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among our four aims.


Individual Commitments

As individual members, we elevate ourselves and others to influence the world around them every day. We promise to live by the core values and maintain high standards knowing it is our actions that build a strong legacy for our sisters.

Chapter Commitments

As a chapter, we commit to serving our members. We promise to be an energizing influence in the future of our chapter, its women and its legacy. We commit to cultivate and foster an environment that elevates the influence of women.

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Member Experience

Alpha Sigma Alpha provides members with a well-rounded experience to elevate the lives of members. Chapter activities are centered in developing women to be their best self.

Member Activities

Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter activities range from business meetings, ritual services, recruiting new members, service and charitable giving projects and national membership education and leadership programs.

Chapter Meetings

Every week, chapters of Alpha Sigma Alpha have a chapter meeting where sisters conduct the business of the sorority. Chapter include decisions to be made by the group, announcements of upcoming events and spirit-building activity. New members have the same ability to vote as initiated members and attend chapter meeting.


Alpha Sigma Alpha encourages academic excellence among members and provides resources to help members reach their goals. Alpha Sigma Alpha members must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale or the scholastic average required for graduation on campus, whichever is higher. If a chapter’s GPA requirement for good standing is higher than a 2.5, the expectation is that the higher GPA is followed.


We believe in the commitment to service is an individual one and that members will foster their commitment to align with their individual and chapter passions. We value the three national philanthropic partnerships and advocate that all chapters support these organizations.

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Member Engagement

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Member Development

New Member Education

Alpha Sigma Alpha new member education occurs through in-person meetings, online reflection and ritual services. New members will focus on learning about Alpha Sigma Alpha through the eight core values – Growth, Responsibility, Learning, Relationships, Generosity, Balance, Integrity, Enjoyment.

Initiated Member

Initiated members will explore the significance of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s core values. To assist in a member’s personal development, the chapter is required to complete a core value program for each core value over two academic years. These programs are intended to be enjoyable, educational and most of all a time for sisters to grow together.

Senior Members

Senior member education focuses on development through their final academic year of collegiate membership by concentrating on topics that will help in the transition out of college. It is designed to help each senior find a way to use her purpose to impact her community.

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Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation empowers members to impact  future generations, change lives and influence the world. Learn more about donating or financial support available to members.


Health & Safety Resources

Alpha Sigma Alpha elevates the influence of women who strive to continue improving the world around them. With this in mind, the organization shares these resources to support the physical, mental and emotional health and safety of our members and their communities.

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