Membership in a sorority is not limited to the years we spend on a college campus, and neither is the opportunity to welcome new women into our sisterhood. Most members begin their membership journey joining Alpha Sigma Alpha as undergraduate students, but that isn’t the only way to join our Sorority. Alpha Sigma Alpha is proud to welcome women beyond the traditional university environment through alumnae initiation.

Alumnae initiation provides an opportunity for women who share our values and want to belong to an organization that is known for cultivating friendship among members and elevating the influence of women in the world to join Alpha Sigma Alpha. It is a meaningful experience to be welcomed into our sisterhood in this unique way. Alumnae initiates can take full advantage of membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha from being a part of an alumnae chapter, serving as a volunteer, attending a national event or joining a virtual sisterhood meet-up.

Over the years, Alpha Sigma Alpha has initiated many alumnae members and now offers an opportunity for virtual initiation. The first virtual alumnae initiation was held on October 23, 2022, welcoming two women into our sisterhood. The new initiates and their sponsors lived miles away from each other and virtual initiation ensured the initiates didn’t have to wait to join Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Ericka Gannon was one of the new members to join Alpha Sigma Alpha during the first virtual alumnae initiation. Her journey to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha began when the 2022 National Convention and Leadership Conference location, Baltimore, Maryland, was announced. Her longtime friend, Mary Kate Metzger, Zeta Chi, reached out to her to let her know that she would be coming to visit her in Baltimore but then also asked Ericka if she wanted to be her sister and join Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Ericka attended Niagara University with Mary Kate. Ericka shared that after college, she watched Mary Kate continue her close friendships with chapter sisters as well as cultivate more relationships with sisters across the organization. “I see that bond is strong and always felt like I missed my opportunity by not taking a leap of faith and joining as a collegian,” Ericka said. She was excited to learn that you are able to join as an alumna member. Ericka didn’t end up being initiated at National Convention & Leadership Conference due to illness so the virtual initiation ended up being the perfect time for Ericka to finally join the Sorority.

The second alumna initiate to join during the virtual initiation was Morgan Pulliam. Morgan knew about sorority life since she has been serving as a panhellenic advisor at multiple universities in Texas. Morgan and her sponsor, Rebecca Noell, Zeta Tau, had served many years together in the Panhellenic community.

Morgan had been approached by panhellenic women asking her to consider joining their sorority. Morgan came to her friend, Rebecca, to find out more about joining a sorority as an alumna initiate. Rebecca encouraged her to do additional research on each organization, as this was a significant decision that can only be made once. Morgan came back to Rebecca, firm in her decision to join Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Morgan shared, “I was unable to join a sorority during my time in college, but it has always been something that I have wanted to do. The sisterhood, professional and personal development, friendship, and philanthropy aspects bring me joy and are something I hope to experience one day. Having a support system, people to lean on who have the same values and mission as myself, and people to stand in my corner when I need it.”

Virtual alumnae initiation was great for Morgan so she could begin her Alpha Sigma Alpha experience right away. After her initiation, Morgan filled out a volunteer interest form and is now serving as the recruitment advisor for Iota Beta Chapter at Texas A&M University – Texarkana.

Potential alumnae initiates include advisors, university faculty, family members and women who have made a difference in their professions, in their communities or in the lives of others. Alumnae initiation could be a good fit for anyone who has expressed an interest in joining Alpha Sigma Alpha and is not a member of a National Panhellenic Conference sorority. If you know someone who would be a great addition to our sisterhood, tell them about alumnae initiation and learn more about the alumnae initiation process together. It’s never too late to welcome a new sister into Alpha Sigma Alpha!