Region & National Volunteers

Region and national volunteers provide a valuable service to the Sorority by supporting collegians, alumnae and other volunteers. Volunteering as a region or national volunteer is ideal for women who are interested in alternatives to becoming an advisory board member for a collegiate chapter.

National volunteers: 

National volunteers serve on teams focused on a specialized area or are project based with a specific timeline. These teams are led by a volunteer team leader. Volunteer service to these teams varies depending on the team charge. Volunteers serve remotely and focus on digital communications including emails and video calls.

Region Volunteers:

In order to best serve our collegians, alumnae and contribute to volunteer success, Alpha Sigma Alpha is divided into a region structure. Region volunteers serve on a region team which is led by a region facilitator. There are twelve regions across the United States with seven region volunteers on each region team. Collegiate chapters receive personalized support from region volunteers in various chapter operational areas. Each region volunteer has a specialized focus area. The commitment for a region volunteer is to serve a two-year term that aligns with the Sorority’s biennium.

Region Positions Include:

Region Facilitator
Membership Commitment Leader
Finance Leader
Social Responsibility Leader
Recruitment Leader
Panhellenic Liaison
Advisory Board Liaison

Training for region and national volunteers:

Region and national volunteers are provided online training resources through Officer Portal. This training includes general and position-specific resources that are necessary to be successful.

Volunteers at the region and national level also receive training and support from team leaders, team members, other volunteers and national headquarters staff.