Individual Awards & Grants

In addition to grants for Sorority program and individual scholarships, individual awards, individual awards and grants are available through the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. Individual opportunities include member assistance for those experiencing unforeseen financial need due to disability, emergency or age, career growth opportunities through grants and teaching excellence recognition.

The Freida Riley Award

The Freida Riley Award is given in honor of Freida Riley, BΠ, Concord University, WV. Freida was an outstanding teacher and her legacy was honored in the film, October Sky. The Freida Riley Award for Teaching Excellence demonstrates Alpha Sigma Alpha’s commitment to a quality education and recognizes outstanding Alpha Sigma Alpha educators.

It is the intent of the Foundation that the Freida Riley Award reward merit, based on the degree to which the member exhibits the attributes ascribed to Freida Riley. These attributes include inspiring students to do their best, showing care and respect for students, and “going the extra mile” to make their students’ experiences memorable.

Applicants of the Freida Riley Award must:

  1. be an Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna in good standing
  2. be a full-time or retired public school teacher (K-12)
  3. have three full years of teaching experience (does not include student teaching)
  4. not have been a past recipient
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Janice Adams Member Assistance Fund

Christy Adams, ΔH, established this fund in memory of her mother, Janice Adams, to honor her generosity and commitment to helping others. The Janice Adams Member Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to Alpha Sigma Alpha members* who are aged, disabled or are experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency. Applications are accepted year-round.

Assistance may be provided either on an emergency basis when a single grant ($1,000 maximum) is given or on a continuing basis in the form of a small monthly stipend ($100/month maximum) for 12 consecutive months. These grants are renewable but must be approved annually.

A recipient may qualify for help, for example, if she or an immediate family member incurs major medical, surgical or hospital expenses, needs special equipment such as a wheelchair, orthopedic mattress, or other equipment, requires special services from a visiting nurse or therapist, or lives in a nursing or retirement home with extremely limited income.

Funds are also available for Alpha Sigma Alpha members and their families who are victims of disasters such as floods, tornadoes, or fires.

When funding is available, assistance is given using the following guidelines:

  1. Any Alpha Sigma Alpha member desiring aid must apply to the Foundation explaining her need and financial situation. All such communication will be kept strictly confidential.
  2. The Foundation will investigate as necessary to assure the validity of the application, and may require documentation such as statements by doctors, dentists, or others familiar with the problem, copies of current bills, insurance statements or receipts, etc.
  3. A Foundation committee will recommend valid applications to the Foundation Board of Trustees for a final decision.
  4. Donors to this fund cannot designate their gifts to any one individual.

*Foundation Board of Trustees, Foundation staff and members of their families are not eligible for this fund

Alpha Sigma Alpha members can apply on behalf of another member to start the application process and Foundation staff will reach out to the effected member for additional information as needed.

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Career Enhancement Grants

Career enhancement grants provide assistance for Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae seeking personal or professional development.

The Career Enhancement Grant is awarded on merit*, as demonstrated through leadership, Alpha Sigma Alpha/community involvement, and how well the education program relates to the applicant’s personal or professional development goals.

Qualifications for the Career Enhancement Grant:

  1. Applicants must have been in the workforce for at least two (2) years.
  2. The Career Enhancement Grant is designed to fund non-credit courses, seminars, and programs. This grant is not available for full-time graduate coursework.
  3. Grants are available on a first come, first serve basis and may be awarded throughout the fiscal year (June 1 – May 31) up to an amount determined by the Foundation.
  4. Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to need. The grant will cover only registration, tuition, and/or text and materials.
  5. Previous recipients of a Career Enhancement Grant are not eligible to receive a grant.
  6. After the course, seminar, or program, the recipient is asked to write a letter to the Foundation explaining how the grant has contributed to her professional development.

*Financial need is not considered when determining merit.

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