Chapter Giving

Collegiate and alumnae chapters are highly encouraged to support the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation as one of the Sorority’s national philanthropic partners. Alumnae chapters regularly do so through fundraisers of their choosing throughout the year and submit their donations as part of the alumnae chapter awards and reports. The Alumnae Chapter Foundation Contribution Report is due before May 1 of each year.

Collegiate chapters support the Foundation through RISE: Raising money to Inspire, Support and Elevate women.


In 2020 the Foundation launched the collegiate giving opportunity RISE: Raising money to Inspire, Support and Elevate women. The purpose of RISE is to encourage every collegiate chapter to hold at least one fundraiser annually that benefits the Foundation raising support through family, friends and community. RISE was named to easily explain the purpose of fundraising for the Foundation; when donors elevate the influence of women in the world through giving to the Foundation, they empower women leaders who strengthen our communities and help all women, not just Alpha Sigma Alpha members.

RISE Fundraisers

RISE fundraisers should be completed each academic year by April 1. Chapter officers receive support from Foundation alumnae and collegiate ambassadors as well as Foundation staff. Each chapter can choose the fundraiser it wants to hold from one of these general options:

RISE Online Only Fundraiser

Collegiate chapters utilize CrowdChange to hold a RISE fundraiser completely online. The chapter is encouraged to personalize the page within CrowdChange to talk about Foundation and Sorority impact, then share the link with alumnae, parents/caregivers and other community members.

RISE Paper Airplane Fundraiser

This option has full planning guides and supporting documents to make an easy and fun in-person fundraiser that chapters can hold within the fraternal community, on campus, as part of family day or at any other point in the year.

RISE Up and Yoga Fundraiser

This option has a full planning guide and PowerPoint to help chapters successfully hold a yoga class to serve as a RISE fundraiser. This option can also be used as chapter programming. Chapters have successfully held this fundraiser remotely using Zoom or in-person.

Rebranding a Past Chapter Fundraiser for RISE

Some chapters already have annual fundraisers that easily transition to a RISE fundraiser simply by updating the name, using the RISE logo and focusing on education about the benefits of support the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation through the event.

Trying a New Fundraising Idea

For chapters who have a new idea they want to try for fundraising, they can create a general plan to share with Foundation volunteers and/or staff about how they plan to hold a successful fundraiser of their choice for RISE.


The top three collegiate chapters with the highest per capita RISE fundraiser are recognized annually.

In the 2021-22 academic year the following chapters raised the most money per member to support the Foundation through RISE:

Theta Gamma Chapter- Christopher Newport University, VA

Beta Sigma Chapter- Missouri State University

Theta Beta Chapter- Roanoke College, VA

Service and giving chairmen can find general RISE trainings, resources and guides on Officer Portal under service and charitable giving resources. Upon completing a RISE fundraiser, the chapter president or treasurer should submit the Chapter Donation Form on Officer Portal with input from the service and giving chairman before mailing the donation to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation.

Rise Participants

The following chapters participated in RISE in the 2021-22 academic year:

Beta Beta Chapter

Zeta Zeta Chapter

Eta Eta Chapter

Nu Nu Chapter

Phi Phi Chapter

Alpha Beta Chapter

Beta Theta Chapter

Gamma Clio Chapter

Beta Mu Chapter

Beta Sigma Chapter

Beta Upsilon Chapter

Gamma Mu Chapter

Gamma Chi Chapter

Gamma Omega Chapter

Delta Iota Chapter

Delta Kappa Chapter

Delta Chi Chapter

Epsilon Kappa Chapter

Epsilon Theta Chapter

Zeta Alpha Chapter

Zeta Gamma Chapter

Zeta Eta Chapter

Zeta Kappa Chapter

Theta Beta Chapter

Theta Gamma Chapter

Theta Epsilon Chapter

Theta Omicron Chapter

Theta Sigma Chapter

Theta Tau Chapter