During my first interview, the interviewer asked me one question that I haven’t forgotten- what do you believe are the top three challenges that collegiate women face? I remember thinking what does that have to do with AΣA. Looking back, I realize that it was the most important question on that list. It has everything to do with sorority women. That was the first time that I realized there is more to the experience than recruitment events, making friends and being proud to wear your letters on campus. Sorority exists to build a community of women supporting women. A safe space where women invest in connecting, learning and growing together.

Most importantly, that question empowered me to discover a different lens of the role of a leadership consultant. One that would help women define their journeys together and promote a positive experience for collegians moving forward.

In addition to helping our chapters build upon their strengths and navigate their challenges, being a leadership consultant has allowed me to learn about my personal strengths and help me define the next steps in my journey. I have learned so much about myself and the importance of connection from every person I’ve interacted with in this role.

I was talking to a friend about why I stayed for a second year and I was reminded of a conversation that I had with another staff member during the consultants’ summer training. She had told the consultant team that one of the most challenging things in life is learning that your passion and your purpose do not always align and that is ok.

A conversation inspired by the Pixar movie, Soul!

I thought to myself, if I had to define what my passion is and what my purpose is separately to someone right now, what would I say? I had often talked about topics that I was passionate about, but how did that differ from my purpose? The conversation ended and I have thought about it every day since.

Your passion is for you. It feeds your soul and sparks a fire within you.

Your purpose is for others. It serves others and creates an impact.

While I thought year one was about discovering my purpose, I was surprised to discover that it was an entire year of defining my passions. I knew that I wasn’t quite finished in my experience when it came to the decision about a second year and both of the returning year consultants from last year told me… “if you feel unfinished, stay”. Both assured me to trust the journey and continue doing something that I loved. So I did and I wanted to share a little more about my experiences.

Year One: Defining what is important, what is the direction, learning and reflecting on self-discoveries and finding the power to explore my passions through connection with our members.

  • Strengths: Woo, Activator, Communication, Adaptability, Individualization
    • Theme: Connection and empowerment
    • Core Values: growth, enjoyment, relationships, responsibility

Year TwoDefining the how and why of my direction, allowing myself to grow with grace and find beauty in the journey of discovering my purpose.

  • Strengths: Learner, Ideation, Self-Assurance, Individualization, Arranger
    • Theme: Building and prioritizing
    • Core Values: balance, learning, integrity, generosity

My second year has focused on learning and integrity. Learning, or re-learning, to be a better consultant, friend, sister, mentor, daughter, student, leader and overall a better version of the new self that I discovered during my first year. I had the opportunity to be honest with myself about where I am in my journey and find the confidence to speak-up for who I am, what I believe in and communicating why it’s important. For the rest of my second year, I plan to focus on balance and generosity. I hope to be generous in my time, my connections and my growth paired with the ability to find balance among my responsibilities, my strengths, my ever-growing network and future endeavors.

The last year and a half showed us that we are resilient and despite not knowing what the future will hold, we must find faith within ourselves and build trust with each other to guide us through. That is what sisterhood is. That is what a leadership consultant does. You will guide them to work through their toughest days and rise up stronger than before. You will build upon the foundation of consultants before you to empower, educate and pave the way for future sorority leaders.

I think of the experiences and perspectives that I have gained over the course of three semesters and reflect on that one question that was asked during my interview- what are the top three challenges that collegiate women face? This experience has connected me to resources and individuals that challenge me to dive into this question with a more advanced perspective than I did at the beginning of 2020. This role provides you with positive mirrors for self-reflection, tools for empowerment and the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful individuals.

As a leadership consultant, you will encounter intelligent and inspiring people that will spark your passion and help you pursue your purpose. People that will help you identify your strengths and grow alongside you as you learn about yourself and prepare to tackle the next steps of your journey. Serving as a leadership consultant for Alpha Sigma Alpha has opened doors for me to not just be the best version of myself, but to find the next version of myself through an empowering community. Through this community, you will have a similar impact on those you encounter as you exchange sisterhood and connection. If you are looking to connect, learn and grow in your next steps, I recommend investing in yourself and this organization serving as a leadership consultant. You will take away memories, lessons and motivation that will define the next steps in your journey, wherever that may be. I am confident that you will be overjoyed in the many beautiful discoveries that come along with the experience.

Abby Dominick, ZN